Can't Wait (Prod. Fantasy Camp)

by Fantasy Camp

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Fantasy Camp vocal tape coming soon.


The function popping off
You walked in like a dream
I was in the back sipping Henny with my team
I looked into your eyes and you looked into mine
I started spitting game, baby are you down to ride?
Lil shawty, what's your name? Here's my number, hit my line
You know that you could get it, hit me up like anytime...
I'm rolling with my clique and your friends are pretty fine
So we should make it happen, yeah let's slide
And you said...

'I know you're here with your friends but I can't wait forever...'

I can't wait anymore, baby
I can't wait anymore

So we took it to my crib, started getting lit
Asking me about all of this ice up on my wrist
You say you're 23, well baby girl I'm still a git
But I'm really on my shit and I could show you how I live and...

I know I'll see you again but I can't wait forever
So let's get it popping

I can't wait anymore, baby
I can't wait anymore


released June 26, 2017
Artwork by @_cookiejoe
Mixed and mastered by @yawns69



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